Commercial Insurance

Moreton & Company is already saving members thousands in premiums, by building a commercial insurance pool for USEA, and working directly with carriers to create solar specific classifications。 As a relatively young industry, a vast majority of these policies are not comprehensive for solar companies. We encourage all of you to take this opportunity to have them review your current policies for Worker’s Comp, G/L, Auto and any other commercial lines, for free, with no obligation to make a change.

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Professional Proposal Tools for Solar PV

Sighten () provides a comprehensive and intuitive software platform that supports the entire residential solar workflow, from lead to install:


Hundreds of solar businesses use Sighten to accelerate sales, access integrated financing, and streamline their operations. Request a demo with the link below to get in touch with our team!

All USEA members receive $100 credit towards new accounts.


Accurately propose any type of project, for any type of customer, using any type of customizable financing products。


All USEA members receive a free trial for a full month.

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Energy Storage

Kilo Energy, a Utah based company, is building an innovative new home battery back-up called the PowerBox. The portable battery unit is designed to power your home’s essentials for 8 or more hours through a home-integrated docking station. It recharges from Solar and/or the grid. The PowerBox gives customers the convenience of larger home-integrated power solutions but the price point and flexibility of smaller portable batteries.

Kailo Energy is launching their 3 Tier reseller program in anticipation of their product launch in the first quarter of 2018. They’re offering pre-product launch discounts and incentives for all new partners, however, they’ve created a specific program and advantage available only to USEA members.

This offering, specifically designed for USEA members who join up early, includes:

Hire Smarter

大发体育Did you know that using assessments to evaluate candidates in your hiring process can increase your chances of predicting on the job performance by nearly 8X? In fact, over 70% of top-performing companies attribute hitting their business objectives to the use of assessments.

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